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"Radio" VG game diary: dragon fighter and alloy zombies

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VG chatroom is logged in each big FM platform, this program links: netease cloud music | litchi | listen to with stand | | B Himalayan FM | opening end song single video: audio: OP: ロ マ ン テ ィ ッ ク あ げ る よ - & have spent Hashimoto tide ED: congratulation 2016 - Andy lau, li yuchun: welcome to the VG game diary of VG chat rooms. We have recently played? What interesting places? Share with you in this section. This program to chat "fighter dragon ball Z" reminders, dragon ball all three heart regardless of emotional factors calmly "metal gear solid survival", the village chief, brought us two mysterious and exciting game. Listen to a little in current 3:30 to talk about a game of "dragon fighter Z". Strongly about 9:30 as a "" dragon ball" based on a game "" fighter dragon ball Z". And discussion: which one is your favorite role "dragon ball"? 4...
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