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The Chinese version of "the 3rd evolution" in March 22nd

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The Chinese version of
SONY interactive entertainment Hongkong (SIEH) announced that the traditional Chinese version of the PSV game "heroic legend: the path of the empty trajectory the 3rd" will be sold in March 22, 2018. The empty track the 3rd is the third work of the track of space. It is also the end of trilogy. The roles in the first two plays will be gathered in this work. The evolution of the 3rd is the Remaking of the original. The game will be more beautiful. All characters will be repainted, and BGM will also be rearranged. The event will achieve full voice. The first shipment of the traditional Chinese version, game player will get a limited download code code, can get a "Star Pendant Cup" and other decorations and props in the early convenience. If you buy download version, to April 4, 2018 have the opportunity to get this bonus. In addition to this, this work will also be in the March 5, 2018 experience version, players can...
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