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The British game week sales: "wanda and colossus" touched by return

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The British game week sales:
Everybody is good, and when released in the UK games week sales list, "monster hunter world" after two weeks of hot, heat a little decline, which was released last week of the colossus of "wanda and heavy plate, has instead, became the new sales champion of the week. If you haven't start, you can click here to read our review. Although the PS2 original "wanda and colossus" has won over the week sales after the sale, but this time the heavy plate making more menacing, its first week sales is original increased by 73%. At the same time, the colossus of wanda and heavy plate is also since 2017, the seventh top the list of SONY exclusive works. In addition, the top 10 ranking are relatively stable, the UFC 3 keep 2 place; "Monster hunter world" slightly down to 3, the call of duty: world war ii, after the sale for the first time out of the top five, while "the evil spirit possessed 2" in the promotion of...
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