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Perfect reduction shooting touch "battlefield: desperately to stimulate" private identification

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Perfect reduction shooting touch
Not long ago, the photon studio group of research and development, the original IP mobile game desperately "battlefield: desperately to stimulate" opens the closed reservation activity, cut in the booking number 7100 w. On January 31, the jedi lore: stimulate the battlefield declared open technology test for the first time, which means adhering to the "desperately" genuine end classic style, makes every effort to restore the game scene, weapons, and the perfect reduction end of the vehicle swim "battlefield: desperately to stimulate" from a step closer to the players. Experienced the players know, survive the jedi in the gun shooting easy-to-use difficult to master, the shooting physics engine neutral set-up, unlike traditional hardcore FPS game so tough and difficult, also don't like entertainment FPS faucets. Game overall shooting experience in order to improve the sense of reality to two or morethings fun as the core, the game operation details setting practicality is very high, each operation corresponds to the different shooting accuracy and stability...
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