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"Dynasty Warriors 8" new generals, battle demo released

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Today, the glorious tecmo released a new batch of "Dynasty Warriors 8" generals and demo demo, a section of Puyang, the battle of Dingtao. From the demonstration we can see that in the evolution of open world, "Dynasty Warriors 8" to complete the task has become more diverse, game player can complete the quests favorable conditions to obtain the main task; can also skip the other tasks, the main task of higher direct challenge. The following 6 sections: the latest demonstration of generals by the original video original video video video Huang Zhongyuan Lu Xunyuan Yu Jin Guan Pingyuan video clock Huiyuan video "Dynasty Warriors 8" will be on sale in February 6th, landing PC/Xbox One/PS4, traditional Chinese version released. In addition to this, this work will also be launched the National Bank edition, the specific sale date is not decided temporarily. Source: Youtube
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