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Hitting the "save l" "angel era" public beta today

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Hitting the
Warriors restart era, guardian angel falls, MMOARPG mobile game "angel era" full platform open beta officially open! Era of angels, the game is set in Norse mythology, you can choose a classic methods GongSanDa profession, with the force of element turns into a big angel defeated demons; In reality, the face l sent a signal for help in weibo, gearing up six anchor teeth will be teamed up with fans rescue action today! Japan and South Korea's top team Create audio-visual feast is a brave man may in addition to the refugees, only high-quality goods will be visible. To allow the game to match the performance effect, "angel era" invited to Japan and South Korea's top art sound team to join, and director of fine arts by GTA5 Lu Taiyou as guidance. Berserker military is brave, st striker is clever and cool, the wizard will be presented themselves in the palm of your hands, bring to fall into the meat of chang cool feeling. Original angel become fair distribution results in inheriting the swim quality at the same time, the angels epoch times also started...
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