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Race of pet game online, "small wang wang" the new version today

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Race of pet game online,
Of pet racing master, friendship battle battle field! Netease super of pet to develop mobile game "small wang wang" warm winter new excitation of online, lovely new dog waited for his owner to adopt, colorful new suit stylish and warm, wonderful sporting new play happy! New gameplay video today first exposure, more joy in the little wang wang. Dog race fun open, don't take your love dandle, exhibit the speed of running ying! Login "small wang wang" website, see more new content and benefits! The dog dog, speed and skill! Play is the nature of the pet, a few of pet together, always have to burn energy to play, play. But have you ever thought about, test the speed of the dog and the tacit understanding with the master degree? "Little wang wang" race "dogs" play new online, let you and your dog enjoy the speed and skill! Dog race, players can choose a play in four home as a rival, dogs need to depart from the start, through a complex game...
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