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Multi-function, strong interaction, nuclear shining all-in-one CES sitting room

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2018 51st annual international consumer electronics show (CES) have been in the United States time on January 9, the grand opening of Las Vegas in the United States. Exhibitors at this year's China also become CES remarkable a group, its innovative and practical products, worldwide attention and affirmation, among them, the Wireless Devices & amp; Services area of cool than nucleus with its main exhibition products than the sitting room is all-in-one, attracted the domestic and foreign exhibitors and exhibitors media stop to watch. Wisdom and cool than members of the exhibition are all nuclear sitting room all-in-one photo at the booth based on entertainment, the sitting room give the function of traditional TV more, let television is not only a television, also android game consoles, home computers. "One of the world's first three mode" to television have multiple "identity" at the same time, also has the function of multiple, meet the needs of multiple family members. ...
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