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VG: suda 51, a heavy mouth novelty "genius"

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VG: suda 51, a heavy mouth novelty
To have such a vision of the game world, he had no prominent origins, not worked in game industry giant magnificent history, handles most of the game was small to... However, he again to view of anomaly and world outlook, the powerful and unconstrained style originality, alternative of black humor and come up with a unique practice these strange ideas, conquered a lot of players, a "genius". This man named suda 51 one, that is, a lot of game fans are familiar with and love "Suda51" (in Japanese, "Suda51" and read "suda 51 a completely consistent"). Whimsy suda 51 always set off another world vision to and the vast majority of the game of trained people, suda 51 were not related to formal education. In 1968, suda 51 a was born in nagano. "Japan, Switzerland," said nagano, and on the field the underdeveloped city but also the representative of "Japanese peace". Grew up with all sorts of strange thoughts...
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