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102 quick answers to the "God of war": this time there is no QTE

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102 quick answers to the
GameInformer has done a lot of related content recently for the Ares, which is to be launched this spring, including editing Joe Juba, interview with Cory Barlog, the creative director of games. The method of interview is very interesting. It adopts the form of quick asking and quick answer, so there are various mysterious questions and routines. Next is a complete 7 minute video. Joe Juba asks 102 questions. How does Cory Barlog respond? The video itself does not contain subtitles, and we put some of the more interesting questions under the video to make it easy for you to watch. Q: how many times have you been mistaken for "Cory Balrog"? (the original director of the creative director is Cory Barlog) A:... Millions of times. Q: from one to ten, how amazing is the "God of war"? A: ten. Q: Quitos will kill the Nordic God...
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