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Wanda film asset restructuring aimed at the TV play plate

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The Wanda film, which is planning to buy the asset reorganization of Wanda film and television, has been paid attention for about half a year since it has been suspended. January 8th, Wanda cinema held on major asset restructuring related matters to investors that will respond to the progress of the development of Maojun Wanda movie executives told the reorganization of assets, and that this major asset restructuring is the main target for Wanda and its affiliated television subsidiary game plate, plate. In addition, other assets, such as the American legend film industry, are not included in the reorganization of the assets. In July 2017, the Wanda film stopped and issued a bulletin on major events, which referred to the acquisition of film and television assets. A few days later, the Wanda film announced that the major issue of the plan was to issue shares for the purchase of Wanda film and television 100%. It is worth noting that this is the second time that Wanda film plans to infuse the Wanda movie and TV company into the market. As early as 2016, Wanda film had planned to have a price of 37 billion 200 million yuan.
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