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"Reasoning college 2018 new version has been tested in a new role

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The arrival of the 2018 as "the reasoning of" friends of fans looking forward to most is what? , of course, is the new version, from 2007 to 2018 now, players also accompany us through the ups and downs of the 10th anniversary of the new version will be bring sincerity with work. There are respectively is the role of the police, the killer, civilians, snipers, doctors, butterfly, forest, terrorists, spies and agents for the elderly, Cupid, the mayor, thieves, negotiators, kidnappers, demolition fanatics, techs, alien these, the new version of the role is still in testing, are expected to be released after testing is completed, now let's guess what new role? New role and what are the changes? The following look at players. Player a new hope to add a role of armed police, the reason is that the function of the police is too limited, only to find the killer, people also need to be super...
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