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NVIDIA display "god dance fantasy Ansel opening game photography activities

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NVIDIA display
Net yuan SAN tang's Beijing nine chicken unreal engine 4 to build domestic stand-alone game new god dance fantasy images attract the attention of the domestic players. Game using unreal 4 with development, has realized the DirectX effects, anti-aliasing technology, ambient light cover and a series of new and high technology, bring the god dance fantasy unparalleled visual effect. NVIDIA (NVIDIA) according to the player's PC configuration to game optimization to the quality and performance of a perfect balance, enjoying the best picture at the same time, ensure the smooth operation of the game. Using the nvidia Ansel screenshot function, players in the dance fantasy can be arbitrary pause time, free framing effect of powerful shot. Panoramic and ultra-high resolution screenshot even under the perspective of grand also can show the picture details, plus a tunable filter and parameters for players can have freedom to create their own unique style of screenshots. At present, "god dance fantasy" organised by the nvidia Ans...
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