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Game time live TV announcement in 2018

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Game time live TV announcement in 2018
2017 years later, in 2018 has arrived. In 2017, game consoles and practical technology to maintain every day at noon time our live and live "eight o 'clock on Friday". At the same time opens up a "VG chat room" of the radio show, the average time for each in 2 hours, and have produced more than 80. In the audience, the audience the company of friends, we grew up together, in 2018 we decided to further increase our live time, adjust our live content, trying to share more good game time. Lightning and vigorously will separate the canine teeth live platform to open studio, Monday to Friday, a day to meet with you, share their favorite games, talk about the experience of the game, at the same time, eight o 'clock on Friday and radio show is still promise. Tentative testing live time is 12:00 noon every day Monday to Friday - 13:30, technology to 22:00, every afternoon...
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