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Of "anime" to strive to become "of e-sports"

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Soil lucrative Internet ecological advantage is obvious Why hangzhou have bottom spirit shout out of the building of "e-sports", because hangzhou has the corresponding power. E-sports genes, as is known to all, hangzhou has a natural, it is the national informatization pilot cities, pilot city pilot city of e-commerce and e-government, digital TV pilot cities and the national software industry base IC design industrialization base, with thousands of large and medium-sized including market value of the first Internet company alibaba, as well as netease, alipay, flush, mushroom street, letter giada, network technology, electric soul, etc. Internet industry developed to provide excellent soil e-sports industry development. "Growth" in hangzhou electrical spirit besides is online game development, the operating company, is one of the few domestic e-sports career focus on online game company. Relying on its own game brand and market advantage, independent electrical souls held YuLeXing 2 professional league season, the dream of The Three Kingdoms, one like cup, etc. All...
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