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"Adult" animation should grasp the social pain points

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As this year the 54th winner of Taiwan's golden horse best animated feature film, "the world" to log in cinemas on the mainland recently, has been the director liu at the communication university of China, media interview about the cause and effect of the animation film creation, as well as to the present development of Chinese animation industry. Describe cold double-sided nature of society As the present domestic few aimed at an adult audience animation film, "the world" and this year's summer theaters similar big protector, narratives are very sharp. The film revolves around a group of characters of the scramble for a small fortune, "the protagonist zhang rob money, is a girlfriend back surgery for cosmetic failure, the young couples to join the war, is with the shangri-la is yearning, even seemingly cold killer, is to study abroad in order to send her daughter to pick up a weapon." According to liu, "world" in both the absurd, humorous, and very real, "in order to achieve...
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