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Nintendo is hiring a card designer for "color jet 2"

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Nintendo is hiring a card designer for
Nintendo recently posted a job on the website of a "color jet group 2", which shows that Nintendo is hiring a designer for this. According to the recruitment information, the position will involve the adjustment of the scene, the weapon and the rules, and it will also involve the existing adjustment of the war and hierarchy. In a few days, players encountered the fact that they used to be labeled in the "color spray group 2". It seems that the balance and system of game need to be further adjusted and modified. On the other hand, it also shows that color jet cluster 2 will continue to maintain vigorous vitality in a certain period of time, the balance of game will continue to be modified and adjusted, and new content will also be added. This is no doubt a good news for the fans of this work. Source: nintendoeverything
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