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Christmas Eve, I went to a "NBA 2 k18 offline games

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Christmas Eve, I went to a
On December 23, also is the past that Saturday, I went to the scene at the invitation of the star travel watched the NBA 2 k18 Asian championships in China of the final. Although my game for the NBA 2 k series has no concept, I don't know the real master play is what kind of, but, after all, the two finalists from more than 1300 in the masters, I am still in the start of the contest for it produces a lot of expectations. The final venue is Shanghai putuo stadium, as a basketball game, the final venue is right in a basketball court. Although the final venue is not big, but of the specifications of the game is very high. Before I entered the stadium saw the roadside of hd ob vans, explanation guest brought in tencent's NBA commentators KeFan (actually it is Yang yi, but he cannot come because of personal), the scene is two from hunan and zhejiang Taiwan TV host, and went...
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