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Copycat game: so far, no we can't copy a game

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Copycat game: so far, no we can't copy a game
Game industry has always been such a phenomenon, which game after blasting red, will be filled with explosive game on the market may hold games, these fake game is almost the same with critical game, either name or crown sequel, the original title, or directly introduced explosion of figure as the introduction of direct figure, after the modification of several purpose is to deceive explodes the game players to make the game. From continuing to hold game being deceived by the flow, the flow can be realized, and the flow liquid is full of huge profits, which is why fake game wildfires burn born again when the spring breeze blows. But these fake games is often just like "skin", probably with hot style game experience is more than just miles of poor game so far, in the end, the players, or pit Lord let don count those wonderful work fortress game, help you mine. Zombies become the devil, the devil again obtain employment after the founding of the plants vs zombies is...
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