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Buffon quest Limited "luxury" "the rich football" Christmas season opening event

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Buffon quest Limited
"The big game of football" is officially launched in the Christmas season! The exploration led a lot of limited activities, fun with your this winter! Limited exploration activity time: December 24th 5:00~12 month 26 days 21:59 the end of the exploration of Buffon giants football manager invites people together to explore his mansion, explore the opportunity to obtain SSS quality Buffon fragment ~ exclusive team selection, recruitment time: December 25th 00:00~12 month period 25 23:59, through recruitment into the store selection interface, UK players select A, select B and Bayern Munich annual recruitment selection B. Are smaller, faster and allows you to obtain ideal players, even more will be recruited ten S players! The cumulative recharge ceremony time: December 25th 5:00~12 month 26 at 4:59 charging 5 yuan: physical strength *80, the euro *700W recharge 30 yuan: December voucher gift box A...
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