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Look for the Red Legend "pocket dark" new version of the hand tour iOS

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Look for the Red Legend
The devil is the evil man, and the hero takes the journey to expel the devil. The new version of the pirate game studio "pocket dark" has been logged into the iOS platform to give players more new ways of playing. Heroes, come on to open a new journey! The task is busy and keeps up with the pocket dark. In this new version, the daily task is added. After finishing the task, we can receive lots of gold and experience rewards. With the mission of the fearless heroes before, but also have tired when, then the game daily recharge can come in handy! The meals within two periods of the day provide people with fatigue, giving you more energy to challenge more copies. After completing the daily task of the week, more weekly courtesies are ready for you! Stronger Red Legend to find mystery fragments this new version of the new Red Legend equipment, stronger properties worth possessing. The legend of red pieces of equipment in boss, new and uncharted wanted level fishing, treasure hunt, super pakistan...
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