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This update is not a hero, but YTG, Lucifer

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This update is not a hero, but YTG, Lucifer
At KPL, the hero of Arthur only once appeared! It was selected by Lucifer of the YTG against Svipr in the regular season of the fall. But the hero's ability to suppress in the early stage is still strong. Especially in the hands of Lucifer, a real thief! But Lucifer's most powerful hero is Yang! But Yang is not able to make any further progress after weakening. But in this update, Yang is also strengthened. Let's have a look together. 1. Arthur: this time to strengthen the main is Arthur's 2 skills, to improve the injury. So Arthur can match the strength of the other single warriors. On line, Arthur opens 2 skills. Do you dare to close? The thieves are fast, and then quickly support them. But there are a lot of new style 2.: since being weakened, the hero was out in the cold, but this update, the new real harm 2 skills Pugong promotion, big...
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