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Much the wilderness act jump by arms straight - 10

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Much the wilderness act jump by arms straight - 10
The wilderness act's official website and the wilderness act 20 games news, will update on June 21 will be hand in hand to China aviation industry group co., LTD., for the players to bring jack - arms straight - 10. After 21 updates, players can see is responsible for the transport of eight straight before the jump carrying machine and two responsible escort arms straight - 10. "Arms straight - 10" introduction (image: the wild action website) after this update, the wilderness act will use a straight - 8 carrying machine and two arms straight - 10 new helicopter fleet, lead everybody jump black. As in the wilderness action game players outside of China, more and more, can also take this opportunity to show our military equipment. Players during a parachute jump can not only see two domestic helicopter, "straight - 8" and "arms straight - 10" also bear the transportation airlift support. The wilderness action game announcement...
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