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2017 "hero alliance" ice and snow hero, a successful ending

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On December 16, with "ice hero Present one up "as the slogan of the 2017" hero alliance "ice and snow festival in one mahjong layout perfect hero. Activities on the same day, more than a summoner gathered in the scene watch the game, more than 3000 people participate in orientation tasks challenges, live online number 1.55 million visitors. With the flying snow, ice and snow hero to come slowly, with dancing in the "snow", transmits the scene every audience "hero alliance" ice hero's passion and joy, and attract the audience deeply. The passionate audience friends, welcome the arrival of the goddess, south wave son, at the same time convey the love of "hero". Canine teeth famous anchor south wave son, not the kui billed as the first female assassin, the clothes in the players to challenge, led friends into the enemy crystal, drive, full responsibility. Each hero alliance players also have...
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