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Different animations, salute the classics

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Different animations, salute the classics
Holland - Lv Guanlan Vincent VanGhon is painting in the history of the world rare genius painter, was also down, after the death of the famous artist, his "Star" "sunflower" and "wheat" and crow has already become the world's top art paintings. In 2015, Van Gogh passed away 125th anniversary. In order to commemorate this great genius, Poland painter Dolota Kobiela created an animated movie to commemorate him. This is the mystery of beloved Van Gogh. "Love Van Gogh" and other cartoons are different, it takes 6500 drawings painting for papers, and these paintings from 15 countries, more than 100 artists, and the style of Van Gogh's paintings are very similar, some images inspired also directly based on Van Gogh's paintings, like "the catcher" crow "in Arles" the vineyard "night indoor cafe" "Star", have the show in the movie. In the film story...
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