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"Monster Hunter" in the world this is a pretty long and chubby.

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According to recent news magazine, "new world" monster in the monster hunter "pretty jaw dragon" (Anna, Tokyo, in the fields of nano) before actually determine the image, there are many kinds of design schemes, and they look very interesting. This is the new scheme of dragon beast looks stupid a dragon, with well-developed hind legs, huge claws, seemed to climb the walls. It has a strong sense of smell and likes to smell the smell with the nose to search for the enemy. In addition, because it eats carrion, gas will be piled up in the stomach, due to temperature changes, the gas will lead to its body turn red. When the gas is spit out, it will turn into a flame and attack the enemy. And the other difference is dragon beast, its combat body scales becomes hard and fell to the ground will head to the hunter crazy bite, and fart, shit to mark position...... "Crocodile run dragon" this kind of design, the new dragon beast called "crocodile run dragon", the shape is close to the Dragon beast and crocodile, so very mast. The crocodile runs the nose of the Dragon...
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