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The game display, surface display you get?

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The game display, surface display you get?
E-sports games these days, fire all over world, and with the kind of game is rich, the range of game players are also expanding. Unlimited, young and old men and women all appropriate. But when playing games, equipped with computer is very important. In it, the game geek cent cent said "surface display" is the "weapon" of choice for them, with the various manufacturers have also "calls" screen, some manufacturer even in a game's name to display advertisements for the brand. Surface display was necessary for e-sports game players artifact is not a day for two days, more clear image more dynamic picture is let the players have been enamored of the important reasons. And as a survival game is popular, the curved surface screen again to the forefront and become the winner, a necessary choice. Some already hold signs and trend of Internet cafe owner, have also welcomed surface display screen into their stores, will "Internet cafes" upgraded to "e-sports pavilion", meet...
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