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Play the FGO VR Matthew "bonus Saber aalto li ya

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Play the FGO VR Matthew
The Fate/Grand Order VR feat. Matthew Wright "gilead has today online, the player with the PS + members a day can get it for free. During the visit, someone found this VR games as well as the "hidden factors", this is "alto li ya". In fact, as early as before the live show, the official revealed that part of the hidden elements, just picture it is hard to guess: alone in the training section of the customs clearance "Matthew", players can play "alto li elegant article", scene like implicit in advance before, in a house decorate relatively primitive simplicity. In addition, according to the visit has players tests, those who want to peep characters chest or fat times friends will fail. And than the "Matthew article", "alto li elegant" will be more perfect some. Command is the source of the three-dimensional: blog esuteru
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