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IP countries can diffuse out of the trap

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Obviously, the diffuse both IP to reshape the existing literature, or creating new IP, can be based on IP core breakthrough in the field of web text and powerhouse "legal person" special contributor Zhang Shule Poking fun at the adaptation of jin yong's works for many years, film and television after the game, people finally had a chance for a comment on the cartoon. On October 28, by the order of the phoenix joint tencent entertainment animation manufacture "smile the ao river's lake" and "tian long ba bu" two comic has formally on tencent animation, "the deer and the cauldron" this mud will follow. And "the legend of the condor heroes", "giant" "handheld device maker e-ten slew a dragon to record", such as cartoons will begin from 2018, successively launched jin yong's comic zone. As mainland China for the first time, jin yong's works diffuse change, so a new derivative, martial arts super IP behind breeds of domestic cartoon market? Mesh generation born hatching new IP pool...
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