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Switch "Kirby Star Alliance" will support Chinese

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Hongkong Nintendo announced, "Kirby" series of the latest Switch, "Kirby   Star Alliance" (Kirby Star Allies) will correspond to traditional and simplified Chinese Chinese, scheduled for sale in the spring of 2018. In the game, game player will operate by way of injection of Kirby, love "recruit" team from teammates, which can be extended to 4 people. With various abilities, new superpowers can be fused.     you can choose single game, game player can also and other online cooperative research, fit ability and partner moves Kirby together very strong. In addition to the original video, "the legend of Zelda:" the wilderness information Chinese push patches date is determined for February 1, 2018, you can play the game player in the Spring Festival to make the Chinese version. Source: Nintendo Hongkong
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