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Guangzhou this month into the season "anime" element is connected

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Guangzhou this month into the season
S guangzhou anime culture atmosphere, September 30, 2017, the 10th China international cartoon festival is poly world trade exhibition center opened in guangzhou. New express reporter Xia Shiyan seminars/taken anime master, then held the first national animation exhibition at the invitation of the national animation arts exhibition organizing committee, known as the father of the Japanese CG animation, a professor at the university of Tokyo estuary the ichiro will be in guangzhou, on December 13 in the evening to be held in guangzhou academy of fine arts in the estuary of the ichiro CG world "theme lectures. Japan-china Japanese CG big DaoJing macro cultural exchange association (Oshima as Akihiro) as academic chair, will attend. Estuary the ichiro the courtyard at the university of Tokyo university professor, director of the institute of VR in Japan, is the world famous CG artists, known as the "father" of Japan's 3 d animation. This lecture will be made by associate professor of guangzhou academy of fine arts, China artists association cartoon member writer Sara ye, content around...
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