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"Brain" burning "the cerebrum" fans of the original approval

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By sohu video, film and television production margins science reasoning network drama "the cerebrum" premiered on December 5, comic book wall water plume, director Yu Zhongzhong, screenwriter Xu Pengpeng, starring Ryan, yi-yi jiang, and huang Lin, Yang Ji Yu etc, many viewers said the play based on reductive degree is high, under the background of science reasoning game levels linked together, see more nervous and pleasantly surprised, is the kingdom of rare comic net play. "The cerebrum" will be held today in sohu video exclusive online, based on a comic wall water plume, reasoning about university club members Xia Chi in search of the missing girl friend fine, accidentally broke into a mysterious thinking interconnected reality fight game, game levels crisis, not only against the player is cheating, bloody, Xia Chi with a high IQ and amazing insight burning brain stage mode. Original comic as one of "there is need to three big IP", long-term in classic ranking first, clicks exceeds 2.3 billion, called...
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