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The thin excalibur 2 "image analysis: carry model were disappointing

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The thin excalibur 2
The cyber excalibur 2 "has been officially launched, although the story of the game, people, systems have many aspects such as bright spot, but believe friend also have to notice to the game, the game screen is not very satisfactory. Recently, the famous game analysis agency Digital Foundry released this picture performance evaluation video, here are some points of induction and summary. Resolution, the thin excalibur 2 uncovered and its the same engine, and the game on TV mode resolution and its consistent, also can basically stable at 720 p, the fluctuation is not big. In addition, the games that use the TV mode & have spent TAA anti-aliasing, enhance or on the image more clearly. But under the mode of carrying the cyber excalibur 2 "performance is a little bad. Because the dynamic resolution technology, the game after leaving the base resolution are very volatile, the approximately 552 p, minimum will...
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