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2017 startup state 100 list Bettas are live strong

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Recently, the startup state "innovation growth top 100 enterprises in China" list officially announced, bettas are broadcast live, live strong platform. The ninth year in a row, it is reported, this is business state launched "Chinese innovation growth enterprise 100 strong" list. "Startup state 100" has become a new VC investment from China each year, has the potential to the priority list. All listed companies more than 20 log in U.S. stocks, shares, stocks, part of the enterprise market value or value than billions and billions of dollars, such as jingdong, qihoo 360, devoted to stranger, storm, millet, drops, the worship of science and technology, etc. In the 100 companies listed, bettas are broadcast live, live platform. It is understood that as a live webcast industry leader, has completed the betta D round of funding, and enter into profitable, this is the first profitable live game platform. Can see from this year's list, a startup state top 100 enterprises, a new round of funding,...
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