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"Legends of gulag" soon "fighting the sky first revealed a new version

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2017 App Store recent air mobile game masterpiece "fighting the sky", shock across years version "gulag legend" for the first time exposure, soon! This version player there will be a new experience, new aircraft, new technology, new style, new comrades! Then look at what are the new version report! New strength, waiting to rein in the new version "legends of gulag" name has exposed the new S series aircraft technology line. The version update aircraft line is "gulag" series of aircraft, there will be six new fighter jet, "gulag" series of warplanes have very good performance and low capacity, in terms of firepower allocation was first among the same level, raga series aircraft as well as other S weapons and equipment, reliable, practical, good power, now, the new power has been waiting for! New technology, waiting to unlock new version, we improved the research...
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