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"Vigil" game public system for details

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"Vigil" game public system for details
Basic process exploration site monster heart system a Japanese book was released on October 29, 2015 the PSV game the night (night () open the new intelligence. The basic process of new information included in the game and the introduction of the monster, props. Before the information, see here. Basic story processes girls go out at night. In order to search for your dog and my sister, young girl alone in the street. Based on the progress of the exploring, the game plot will also continue to advance. If the end of the day night, the game time will advance to the next night. By reading to write diary, players can confirm before done. To explore the process in the streets with all kinds of things. Most of the object is surrounded by a dark, unable to see, need to use a flashlight. Sometimes, of course, there may be any object falling suddenly, or appear, at that time need to pay attention to. ? And! In the process of exploring, girls may appear the question mark on the head. If carefully survey around...
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