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Sharing the "wilderness action" small skirt line

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Sharing the
NetEase 1/100 special warfare exercise Mobile Games "wild action" since the open test has to have more experience and game player surprises, whether after the launch of the new fog mode, MK60 machine guns and other core gameplay, or trap car NetEase, strict selection of airdrop and other interesting elements, let the game player who felt the development group of sincerity. And today, the "wild action" has been updated to meet the long - awaited small skirt, sharing the cumulative 7 days will be available! [small skirt debut line share no threshold acquisition] in November 30th -12 month 31 days, the game will open the elite gathering sharing activities, mobile phone version of the user specified number of cumulative share game can win a beautiful gift, PC version of the user specified number that is accumulated in the game can be. Not only interesting T-shirt, personality mask free, more game player long-awaited skirt, wind coat, share 7 days that can get! The wilderness action is the most popular hand in the day.
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