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Tencent "glorious mission" website officially opened unlimited number test delay

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At noon today, tencent hand swim "glorious mission: the mission action" officially opened website, but unfortunately there is no limit number test will delay the open. Website updated letter to honorable warriors, which named "to bring you a better game experience, I am very sorry to inform you that due to 12:00 on November 29, open an unlimited number of testing will delay the open, we apologize, please players patience, specific time, please pay attention to our official notification, we will forward relevant announcement, inform you the first time." The current game download the qr code shows "please look" four word. It is understood that the glorious mission: the mission operations is tencent's first one hundred tactical mobile game. Has large map of 64 square kilometers, 100 players in a sporting terms of real-time simulation drill. Special task, to achieve a glorious mission. Each round of combat, with 100 exercises to participate in the game, exercise...
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