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"Bleeds levy robe" review: what a mess, the hero scholar also to opine

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Three kingdoms, former warlords regime, wei shu wu to the bully party, war-torn, war-torn. Kong Mingkong aficionado, cloud city long did difficulties, son dragon li for performers, taoyuan sworn, liu closure are storytellers, relish by the people. How time flies, the hero is gone, but historical stories not in the ears, gone with The Three Kingdoms, heroes, and is the blood levy robe. Okay, so painting style here to switch back to the normal mode in the 21st century. Is another three topics to talk about today's new game "bleeds levy robe", unlike the vast majority of the three games on the market, this was not in the name on the highlight the three IP painstakingly, thought that this is just to prevent the player fatigue, but after experienced the plot of the game, I just found out that turns out to be I was too naive. The opening of the game is a serious and strong background, narrator dubbing and presentation of the animation shown great momentum, you feel like watching a war movie opening remarks. ...
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