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"Rest" or "game", the future how to play game?

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Beijing, Nov. game under the age of 23 (Reuters) what are the new form? In the future and how to play game? This is nowadays game people are faced with the problem, is developing rapidly, increasingly exposed leading the future potential of the Chinese game industry issues to consider. On November 23, 2017 Chinese game industry annual conference in wuhan, a perfect world, hangzhou shun network science and technology, well-known companies such as tencent entertainment, toeic network each representative on in-depth discussion about the topic. Hangzhou shun network science and technology, the chairman of rev boh che suan believes that as the user impression of Internet service sites, the respect such as development prospect of continuous improvement, combined with tournament new formats such as also won a wide recognition users, Internet sites will greatly promote the rapid development of e-sports game new formats. Perfect world vice President of global brand and strategic cooperation with edie is based on analysis of the people entertainment needs change and development of science and technology, puts forward the future game will present "immersed" and "leisure" polarized...
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