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E-sports professional first "social practice" collective watch e-sports game

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E-sports professional first
Is selected from the colleges and universities to the ioc, esports this emerging industry is to get the affirmation of the society. But "e-sports" in essence is a relatively broad generalizations, which contains the various categories of competitive game, like under different sports such as football, basketball game. So for the audience, especially the new to the industry practitioners or students, if you want to quickly understand the charm of e-sports, scene viewing experience has a vital role. And how to choose appropriate viewing the top events in the project, also need to pass the focus of the education institutions. (south wide field) between teachers and students in this year's double tenth, e-sports professional communication university of China's south, is a class of students, received a special invitation through firewire double-end professional league invited the whole e-sports special course to nanjing watch CFPL, CFML finals. Since 2016, education ministry "electronic competitive sports and management" into increased...
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