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"About wars players fighting violent wind acting as well

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"About wars is now hot war, before the game two week crown and the third has decided (details on WeChat ID: IPTV e-sports world attention game alert). Review it two weeks of competition, small make up feel "about war" is much more wonderful than we thought, "about" read as a program of entertainment, also has the e-sports confrontation as a rigorous and vigorous. Professional explanation and format, comparable to the professional game won praise as a game, "war" has a high degree of professionalism, the host from BP to start game climax to the high-energy explanation, rigorous and humorous language, brought the indispensable color to match. E-sports world ESPTV channel host (north, but a) explanation about wars "studio and competition scene real-time switch in addition, the universal about wars has a complete system, from the group to championship finalist competition to weeks, and then to the annual finals schedule justice and...
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