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Week radio 】 【 news commentary: no "torch light

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Week radio 】 【 news commentary: no
VG chatroom is logged in each big FM platform, this program links: netease cloud music (review) | litchi | koala (listening to) | | B station opening end song list & have spent The launch this week with the latest Microsoft Xbox host One X, and a few firms have announced their beautiful results, the game industry is steady, the booming development, is a thriving scene. Of course, also have regret things, such as a perfect world, "the torch light studio disbanded, we may no longer playing the new" torch light. Listen to a little opening in current: this week, the most important events in the ray of light full moon, dads lightning secret teach parenting tips. 02:01 Xbox One country X line synchronization starts, the powerful to do everything, but the game is strengthening points situation. When a perfect world, "the torch light developers Runic Games disbanded. 29:08 EA...
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