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PS4 "brave DouELong 1 ~ 3" will introduce traditional Chinese version

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In "brave DouELong 11" today's event in Hong Kong, the brave DouELong series producer Mr Wells male 2 announced the PS4 & have spent Version of "brave DouELong 1", "the brave DouELong 2" "brave DouELong 3" will be introduced traditional Chinese version! Three game of specific time and the price is as follows: the brave DouELong 1 November 24, hk $43 "brave DouELong 2" on December 1, 61 Hong Kong dollars "brave DouELong 3" on December 8, 99 Hong Kong dollars as early as in the previous day edition of a brave man DouELong 11 release as we know, as long as in a true end, after the Staff in the Roll will have special mantra "resurrection", put the string of code in the input to the corresponding stores, you can get the game. Now the Chinese also can enjoy the cult, the game is in Chinese! According to the intelligence, PS4 Chinese version "the brave DouELong 11" can also be...
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