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Didn't patch "wizard 3" in the Xbox One X can run to 60 frames

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Didn't patch
As is known to all, "wizard 3" is a great game, but it is in the experience of the host is not so perfect. Whether PS4 or Xbox One, even can not keep stable 30 frames. But with the Xbox One X, maybe we can play in the sitting room to smoother "wizard 3". The Xbox One player should know, "wizard 3" on this host is based on the dynamic resolution of 900 p to 1080 p, 30 FPS frames of operation. But in fact, the wizard 3 in a disc factory does not lock frames, according to Eurogamer test, under the condition of without installing any updates, "wizard 3" in the Xbox One X number of frames can reach 60 frames - like a don't be restricted by the REINS beast, releasing all of its energy - but the premise is you have to have a Xbox One wizard 3 entities. However...
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