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S7 1014 hours: break the conventional e-sports and "ambitious"

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S7 1014 hours: break the conventional e-sports and
Last weekend, the international Olympic committee (ioc) for the first time accepted the position of e-sports in writing, and announced that certification esports as an official sport. Almost at the same time, Beijing's bird's nest national sports centre, the scene is comparable to the World Cup and NBA finals S7 champion war has set a global audience for the understanding of the tournament. A hail of cheering, AR the dragon down, entertainment star companion... From the scene, the guests to the black science and technology, S7 with practical action to prove, we used the impression "on the mesa" tournament, is history. Like the bird's nest grades and headed by selectively live platform. The S7, involved in live events through the media platform have said publicly that the ratings data set a new record. And this among them, and watch with 60 million people, 1.2 billion clicks, 100 countries and regions, users to watch Chinese live bettas are most impressive. Such data, even if the surface...
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