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The Jedi "survival" December landing Xbox One: exclusive sale

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The Jedi
Microsoft recently in Xbox, the official website of the global dynamic update, "Jedi survival (PUBG)" will be officially launched Xbox One host in December 12th this year, the price of 30 dollars. Microsoft said, PUBG is a Xbox One host exclusive games, and the Steam version of the independent operation. Of course, just like the Steam version of Early in the Access channel, the game is not officially completed in XB1, so "Xbox Games Preview" label is very eye-catching. But, according to the developers Bluehole, in late December, the Steam version will be positive to v1.0. After the news, Microsoft intends to allow PUBG to join Cross-Buy ranks, namely Xbox and PC can Windows cross platform online, this has not been officially confirmed. It is reported that the "vast...
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