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International Olympic Committee said: E-sports has finally become a "movement"

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"Playing games" has become a real thing. The British "Daily Mail" reported 28, the day held in Lausanne Switzerland International Olympic Committee (IOC) of the sixth summit, IOC representatives to discuss the rapid development of e-sports, agreed to be regarded as a "movement". International Olympic Committee official website said in a statement, in the young people in all countries, "E-sports" showed a strong growth momentum, can provide a platform for the Olympic movement. Competitive E-sports can be seen as a sport, where participants need to prepare and train, and the intensity is comparable to that of athletes in traditional sports. In addition, the International Olympic Committee must comply with the requirements of the eSports athletes Olympic rules and regulations, such as behind the Anti Doping, anti manipulation game etc.. The Daily Mail says E-sports is very popular in Asian countries, has been included in the 2022 Asian Games official event, and may enter the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. China...
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