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"Journey 2", "7th anniversary celebrations", "30 activities" to open the national gala!

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October 25, 2017, is "Journey 2" 7 birthday! In order to commemorate such a grand and special festival, in order to repay thousands of players for 7 years of support and accompany, the game will launch an unprecedented more than 30 heavy welfare activities: 27 open 7th anniversary exclusive popularity of new district! Launched the birthday theme activities, offline celebrations and other welfare whirlwind, detonated the whole dress big get-together! IphoneX, 7th anniversary permanent mounts, beauty and fashion, the perfect double head blood baby and other rare items, as well as the most Collectible souvenir items, only in the "Journey 2" 7th anniversary birthday celebration, do not miss! 25 days to open 7th Anniversary Theme popular clothing good ceremony burning new area! In order to celebrate the 7 birthday, "Journey 2" will be launched on 27 days to create the most distinctive and memorable value of the exclusive popularity of clothing new district! New district around the 7th anniversary celebration elements, grand launch and birthday related more creative play and blessing...
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