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"For love," sung today! ", 3 "on the safety ten years waiting for you

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Fairy yao mu mesons, for love, and on the safety ten years, waiting for you. "China's new song" in the second quarter was popular champions - Ye Xuanqing first games theme song "to love," starting today, the power ", 3 "on October 24 new release" on the safety ten years ". In the new version "on the safety ten years", ", 3 "on a number of game content is optimized, element when jin years, wardrobe revision; Emperor the son to xi, personal brawl; Pengshan fairy prison, survival war, more have a whole series of two groups of servers and a number of activities to synchronous online, please lock on October 24, 3 "on the safety ten years!" Be there or be square! To love, Singing 】 today as "China's new song" in the second quarter of one of the most popular students, Ye Xuanqing with her exquisite and graceful and restrained style, to the left a deep impression. Ye Xuanqing was born in shengzhou city, shaoxing city, zhejiang province, shaoxing opera family, grew up in the folk music of edification, and not only can sing yue opera, but also proficient in bamboo flute playing...
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